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Klindex Unika

The Klindex Unika is a single disc rotary floor care machine. As with all machines and equipment from Klindex, the Unika has the slick and robust Italian design. The Klindex Unika is known worldwide in the cleaning industry. It is seen as a pantheon of excellence when it comes to floor cleaning machines. It is easy […]

Klindex UFO

The Klindex UFO is a manual planetary polisher for grinding and polishing counter-tops, stairs, edges and narrow areas. Like all Klindex machines, the UFO is an extremely durable machine and delivers unrivalled results. The Klindex UFO is perfect to use in your factory, this portable machine reduces the downtime and improves your productivity. Due to […]

Klindex Timba

The Klindex Timba is the new floor sanding machine for wood and hardwood floors. Work is FASTER AND MORE ECONOMICAL! It is easy to use and doesn’t need special training like belt sanding machines. Free of dust thanks to the improved vacuum system. It leaves a very smooth surface and works up to the skirting […]

Klindex Rotoklin 400

The Klindex Rotoklin 400 is a versatile, high-performance grinding and polishing machine. Klindex Rotoklin 400 is another game-changing machine from the Klindex family. As with all Klindex machines, the Rotoklin is simple to operate while providing high-quality results consistently. The machine has the iconic, Italian design that Klindex is known for. The Klindex Rotoklin 400 is another Klindex […]

Klindex Rocky

The Klindex Rocky is an extremely versatile rotary cleaner. It is a multipurpose single disc machine equipped with a 1.5 HP motor. Klindex is a brand synonymous with quality and durability and this machine is no exception. This dynamic machine was designed to be adaptable. Like all Klindex machines, it is sturdy and durable and […]

Klindex Levighetor 650

Klindex Levighetor 650: Professional floor grinder complete of Planetary K1500.  Patented Mono-rotating planetary. The Klindex Levighetor 650 is the ideal machine for grinding and polishing medium-large areas. Thanks to Planetary K1500 with a 20”/500mm working section and 8”/200mm tools it is particularly fast for polishing large areas. It is very stable and easy to use. It can be […]

Klindex Levighetor 645

 Klindex LEVIGHETOR 645: Professional floor grinder complete of Planetary K1200. Patented Mono-rotating planetary.  The Klindex LEVIGHETOR 645 is the most versatile version of Levighetor series. It is more aggressive than the 640 series. Thanks to its Planetary Head K1200 and to 5.5 “/ 140mm tools, productivity increases. The 645 is the grinding and polishing machine for small to medium […]

Klindex Rafter T

The Klindex Rafter T machine is in a league of its own.  Scraper machine designed for formwork rectification in the precasting industry.  This Klindex Rafter T is a heavy-duty scraper machine that is among the very best available. In this area of cleaning there is a vast amount of cheaper, inferior machines readily available. With […]

Klindex Minipower

The Klindex Minipower is an Orbital hand-held cleaning and polishing machine. It is capable of cleaning and polishing where rotary machines cannot work. This machine is durable and delivers outstanding results. The Klindex Minipower is a small machine with a big performance! This small surface grinding machine is the ideal solution for tight spaces. With its “square” […]

Klindex Kroma

The Klindex Kroma has been designed specifically for use in heavy duty conditions. It is a mono rotary machine that can be used in a wide range of circumstances and cleaning conditions. With an innovative 4 HP motor, it is the most powerful mono-rotary cleaning machine in the world. It is also available with a […]